Pet Portraits with Personality!

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“It’s beautiful!! Thank you!! He looks like he feels so important!”

“Caught his ‘essence’ beautifully!”

“You’ve captured his gentle character just right.”

Immortalise your pet with a beautiful portrait in pen or pencil. Perfect for yourself, your family or as a gift. I draw a portrait just for you from a photo you provide, making a unique and very special picture that will last forever.

If you’d like a drawing of anything other than a pet, please take a look at my sister site.


All pencil portraits are drawn using top quality Japanese wooden pencils on thick British cartridge paper. Pen and ink portraits are drawn using high quality Japanese carbon ink on British Bristol board.

A5 single subject: £55
A4 single subject: £80
A4 double subject: £100
A3 single subject: £125
A3 double subject: £160
A3 triple subject: £195

All prices are for pictures with simple or blank backgrounds. Postage and packing for all sizes for all sizes is £5 in the UK or £11 everywhere else. I will draw your portrait and send you a photo and you only pay if you’re completely satisfied. No need to send any money until you’ve seen what you’re getting!

Yes please, Portray My Pet!

Simply complete this form and I’ll soon be in touch with you with instructions about how you can send me your photo(s). Please be sure you have at least one high quality photo of your pet. (It helps if you have more than one so we can pick the best photo and so I can get a good idea of what your pet looks like.)

Currently it will take between one and two weeks for me to complete your drawing but if you need it by a particular date let me know and I’ll finish it in time if I can.


About me

I’ve been drawing all my life, which by now is a very long time. I think pets have as much personality as people, in some cases more, in fact, and that’s what I try to capture in my drawings.